Step-by-Step Guide to Bitcoin Casino Transactions

Bitcoin casinos are now everywhere! One of the unexpected use cases of Bitcoin and crypto has been online gambling. Bitcoin has allowed people from around the world to gamble anonymously and bypass country-based restrictions. In this guide, we will explore everything you need to know about cryptocurrency casinos, including the best games, pros, and how to start!

What Is BTC Casino?

A BTC casino is an where Bitcoin can be deposited, withdrawn, and used to gamble. Bitcoin casinos offer all of the same features as a normal online casino, such as secure transactions, bonuses, and hundreds of games but with the added benefit of processing cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals!

There is a clear distinction between licensed and unlicensed Bitcoin casinos. Licensed cryptocurrency casinos are overseen by professional gaming authorities who regularly audit the casinos. These gaming authorities ensure that the casino is offering fair games, using encryption, and safeguarding players’ funds. Unlicensed Bitcoin casinos are usually run anonymously, are not subject to any external audits, and the chance of them running off with players’ money is high! We recommend only playing a licensed Bitcoin casino.

How to Start a Bitcoin Casino?

How to Start a Bitcoin Casino?

Starting a Bitcoin casino is a lot of work! Here is an outline of the steps involved to your crypto online casino up and running:

  1. Raise capital - You will need $300,000 to $500,000 to start your online casino.
  2. Apply for a license - You need to contact a gaming authority, fill out an application and meet all requirements. You will often have to set up a company and open bank accounts in the country of the gaming authority.
  3. Create a website and purchase casino software - Players will access your online casino via your website, so it must be well designed and fully mobile optimized!
  4. Purchase casino game licensing from developers - You can instantly host thousands of world-class real money casino games on your site by contacting major developers.
  5. Set up a crypto wallet
  6. Start marketing - Nobody will come to your casino Bitcoin if they don’t know it exists. You need to market on social media websites and set up an affiliate program.
  7. Hire staff - You need lawyers, developers, accountants, customer support agents, and more!

Can I Use Other Cryptocurrencies to Play Online Casino?

Depending on the online casino, you can deposit, play and withdraw a variety of different cryptocurrencies. The most common available cryptocurrencies apart from Bitcoin are Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and Monero. Online casinos typically only accept the biggest cryptocurrencies.

Pros of Using Bitcoin in Online Casinos

Why should you use a Bitcoin online casino? Check out the pros of a casino Bitcoin below!

  • Incredible bonuses - When you deposit in Bitcoin, an online casino will often provide an exclusive and very generous bonus!
  • Anonymity - Your employer, spouse, or government will never find out you have been gambling!
  • Speed - Bitcoin casinos allow you to cash out instantly!
  • Bypass restrictions - Is gambling banned in your country? Deposit with Bitcoin and start playing anyway!

The Best Bitcoin Casino Table Games Including Live Dealer Games

Crypto betting sites have literally thousands of that you can play right now! Here are some of our favorite table games on offer:

  • Blackjack - Take on the dealer and see can make a hand closest to 21 without going over!
  • Roulette - Don’t want to learn rules? Then play roulette; simply pick a number and place your bet!
  • Baccarat - In baccarat, whoever makes a hand closest to 9 wins. However, you can bet on your hand or the dealer’s. This game has one of the lowest house edges at 1.06%!
  • Poker - Use your cards to make the best hand possible or bluff the dealer and get them to fold to win. This popular card game is played by millions of people all over the world who enjoy the complex strategy and competitive aspect.

Casino Crypto Games

If you ever get bored of classic table games, crypto casinos have hundreds of other games to choose from. Some of our favorites games that are guaranteed to keep you excited include:

  • Aviator
  • Football Manager
  • Mines
  • High Striker
  • Live Game Shows

Crypto Slot Games

Want to play the latest and greatest slot releases? Crypto casinos have all kinds of different slots, including:

  • 3 reel classic games
  • Video slots
  • Fruit machines
  • 5 reel games
  • 3D
  • Progressive

Secure Transactions in Best Crypto Casinos

Depositing and withdrawing from a crypto casino is 100% secure. You don’t have to worry about being hacked or waiting weeks to receive your money. Crypto payments are processed instantly, and you can track the progress of your transaction on the blockchain. However, you need to be careful that you enter the casino’s crypto wallet address correctly when depositing and yours when withdrawing; otherwise, your crypto may be lost forever.

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