European Roulette

Do you fancy a spot of roulette? BetSofa presents a featured slot game that recreates the natural casino environment. When you play online, you see a slowly rotating wheel at the forefront. The stake table is above, and the layout with betting options is to the left. The available values of chips are on the right-hand side. Note that European Roulette implies only one green zero instead of American two little punks.

How to Play European Roulette?

The online slot is a full-fledged version of the live game:

  • A player predicts the number of a slot where the ball would land;
  • He places the roulette online bet on a specific color, number, or a range of numbers;
  • European Roulette online offers inside bets to win less often but get more coins;
  • You may opt for outside bets to ensure more frequent but smaller winnings;
  • Use racetrack (call bet) to let the dealer place a stake instead of you, if desired.

European Roulette (NetEnt) online for free in demo mode

There are no symbols except for colors and numbers in casino European Roulette. This game slot also lacks a jackpot. Just spin the wheel and try to make more guesses. Start with a free demo version to have fun without losses first. Test the game to outreach more winnings on real-money slot.

You are playing in fun mode.