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Betsofa tournament in ELK slots

We are launching a weekly ELK slots tournament.

This week game is Micro knights.

It starts every Thursday at 6:00 pm MSK and ends the following Wednesday at 11:59 pm MSK.

Prizes paid every Thursday.

The spirit of competition is stronger than ever!

The leaderboard is always available on the screen, where you can follow your own results and the results of opponents.

To win, you must complete 25 spins with the highest score!

The number of attempts is unlimited — so join the battle and win!

Prize pool table:

    Place Prize Wager
    1st place 500 EUR x3
    2nd place 200 EUR x3
    3rd place 110 EUR x3
    4th place 80 EUR x3
    5th place 70 EUR x3
    6th place 50 EUR x3
    7th place 40 EUR x3
    8th place 30 EUR x3
    9th place 20 EUR x3
    10th place 10 EUR x3


  1. 1. The Tournament is available to all registered players at Betsofa.
  2. 2. The participating game and the Tournament’s start/end time are posted on the Tournament Promotion page.
  3. 3. Min. bet to participate – 20 RUB/0.20 EUR.
  4. 4. If entered the Tournament, all bets placed by the player must be no lower than 20 RUB/0.20 EUR.
  5. 5. The player can participate in the Tournament with lower than 20 RUB/0.20 EUR bets, but his/her results will not be considered when paying the rewards.
  6. 6. If during the Tournament, the player has noticed that he/she is playing with the lower bet, the player needs to contact Betsofa’s Customer Support and inform about the mistake. The player can use this option once.
  7. 7. If a player desires to play the game with smaller bets, he/she can deny the participation in the Tournament, when entering the game.
  8. 8. If a player has denied the participation in the Tournament, but changed his/her mind before the Tournament end, he can contact Betsofa’s Customer Support and the Tournament will be activated within 12h.
  9. 9. Betsofa's General Terms and Conditions apply.