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Welcome to the BetSofa Live Casino Online

Live casino online is not a set of soulless slot machines and mechanical roulettes. Playing live casino, gambling fans will meet a real person.Each table is served by a real croupier who will help the player to enjoy an unforgettable experience and plunge themselves into the full casino atmosphere.

Betsofa is an online casino that provides hundreds of casino games for players worldwide. This online live casino boasts great video slots that attract players with their cool 3D graphics, gripping storylines, and generous bonus features.

This live casino welcomes all the players who want to join up and become part of this incredible platform. However, you must be at least eighteen to be able to use the services of online casino Betsofa legally. Do you love playing casino games? Betsofa has plenty for you to try. Some of the most popular include blackjack, casino roulette, baccarat, poker, and more.

What Does an Online Live Dealer Casino Look Like?

Online casinos with a live dealer (Live Casinos) are special rooms where a player can see the gaming tables, and the live dealers (ordinary croupiers from land-based casinos), who control the entire gaming process using a webcam. The croupier spins the roulette wheel, lays out the cards, and also rolls the dice. In addition, the user can watch their actions in real-time mode, as well as communicate via voice or text messages with them. As a result, there is a full real-time interaction between the player and the casino employee. This kind of gameplay is much more entertaining than playing with a machine or computer program. In general, a live dealer casino is a new format in online gambling.

So, why do we need a live dealer in an online casino while playing? We need him/her because some players, especially beginners, do not always know the rules of the game or the specifics of the process. The dealer's advice is very useful. The dealer will always support newcomers and explain what to do.

Is Live Casino Secure to Play?

To play live casino safely, you must stick to some simple rules:

  • choose reputable gambling establishments and read clients' feedback before you start playing live casino games online
  • be sure to take demo training at the casino online to understand how everything functions there
  • after play, withdraw any winnings immediately

Types of Live Casino Games

The following kinds of casino games online can be distinguished:

  • Slot automatons. This is the largest entertainment group, which includes hundreds of different reel slots. This category includes classic slot automatons that have three reels and a minimum number of symbols. It also includes modern slots with five reels, various special symbols, and bonus games.
  • Roulette. All gambling establishments offer this casino game. There are several types of roulette games.
  • Cards. There are a huge number of card games in the live casino online. These include different types of poker, blackjack, baccarat, and many other games.
  • Dice. This is included in a separate category, as it has a large number of fans and regular customers.
  • Keno and Lotto. These are also types of casino online games.

How to Play Live Casino Games at BetSofa

Every registered Betsofa user can play casino games in real-time mode with real croupiers. The player should activate their account and deposit into their game account by making a transaction in any of the offered currencies. After depositing to the account, a player can play different games offered by casino Betsofa.

All software products designed for the live games have:

  • a window that allows you to watch the action of the dealer in real-time mode
  • a field where bets are accepted, for example, when playing poker in a live casino
  • a timer that helps the player to find out the end time for accepting bets
  • table of limits
  • the chat window
  • the settings buttons

All this allows developers to create the most comfortable conditions for live Betsofa casino games.

The advantages of gambling establishments offering play in real-time are recognized by many players, as live games eliminate the use of free number generators and allow players to show their skills in a fair game.

Play Live Casino Games for Real Money!

Do you like to spend your free time playing online casino games? Then you can join Betsofa casino with live croupiers! Here you will find the best slot automatons and can play live casino games like roulette, poker, blackjack, baccarat, and many others.

The main advantage of the live dealer casino is their ability to communicate with players in real-time. Through this communication, each can personally verify the transparency of the casino and ensure the integrity of all financial transactions.

Moreover, players have the opportunity to play against their friends and other players. And if you like to play at live casinos using a tablet or smartphone, you can use the version for Android or Apple , having previously installed the app on your device.When choosing a live casino and playing casino games with real money, each player gets a guarantee that the dealer is not playing a double game. All the numbers are transmitted to the monitor screen and this eliminates the possibility of casinos using special programs for generating random numbers.

Another advantage of playing live casino games is that the player can be connected to the online game at any time during its stream and while immediately placing bets.

To start the game, visit the Betsofa site, fill out the registration form, confirm your data is correct, choose a casino game, and start winning real money!

Customer Support

If you want to get additional information about the online casino Betsofa services, you can contact customer support. Find the "Help" section on the site to contact customer support experts and get a qualified answer in the shortest time possible. All the consultants on the customer support team are polite, and they are always ready to help you solve your problem or to answer your questions. You can get helpful information about bonuses and promotions, games provided by the casino, and on technical problems when you reach out to customer support. You can also contact the customer support team via email - [email protected]

So, if you are a fan of casino games, try the services of Betsofa online casino and plunge yourself into the gaming experience.

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