Live Casino 15% Discount

  1. The live casino bonus is also valid for your losses in the live casino section. You can make use of the bonus by making a deposit of 100 TL.
  2. In the live casino section you can take advantage of the bonus during the day min. You will have to lose 100 TL. Your bonus will not be added.
  3. You can claim your loss at the casino in the live casino once a day and only at 00: 00-02: 00 every night in the same day to cover your net loss in the same time. Claims of the casinos claiming a bonus other than the stated time slot will not be taken into consideration.
  4. Once your discount bonus has been loaded, you can use your bonus area in any area you wish. There is no round-trip discount at the casino discount.
  5. Live casino discounts are provided for games that play if the user has downloads for different purposes; The entry of the live casino can be prevented and confiscated from unfair revenues.
  6. Betsofa has the right to cancel bonuses if it is found that the player has misled the bonuses.
  7. Games made with two types of odds (single, double-red, black, etc.) are not covered by the discount. If a situation is detected, the player's discount request will not be considered.
  8. If it is found that any user is cheating on the part of the rules, the Betsofa account will be closed without any excuse and the whole point of view will be confiscated.
  9. Betsofa has the authority to completely remove any bonus rules and conditional bonuses. The obligation to follow any current rules and conditions of any bonus belongs to the player himself.
  10. Edward Marshall can use his / her ID, Residence Permit, etc. at any time. The proceeds of the player may be blocked if these documents are not submitted by the user.
  11. At the same time, only 1 promotion can be used. Members who benefit from the bets bonus do not have the right to claim a live casino discount bonus.
  12. In the event of any dispute, decisions made by Edward Marshall will be binding. Edward Marshall has the right to cancel this bonus at any time without any reason.
  13. Baccarat players can not take advantage of the 15% discount promotion.
  14. If you have a Classic Poker and Okey backgammon transfer you can not get a 15% Discount Bonus on that investment.