Basketball Betting and Odds at BetSofa

What is more exciting than watching your favorite basketball team win an important match? Watching them win when you have a big bet on them! BetSofa basketball betting markets are extremely popular thanks to the number of games, bet types available, and the fantastic odds we offer! To learn more about basketball betting, read on!

Basketball Betting Markets

Are you looking for a sport with lots of different bet types? Then basketball betting is the perfect option! On BetSofa’s basketball betting markets you can make over 100 wagers. Here are some of the most popular online basketball bets:

  • Match result - Do you want a simple basketball bet? Then simply predict which team will win!
  • Total score - This bet is usually set up as an over/under. For example, the line may be set at 190.5. If you take the under and the total score is 190 or less, you win!
  • Winning margin - Guess how much a team will win by. For example, if you bet on the Detroit Pistons to beat the Washington Wizards by 5 points and the score is 96 to 90, you win!
  • Go to overtime - Bet on whether or not the game will head to overtime or finish at the end of the 4th quarter.
  • Number of points scored by a particular player - Will Lebron James score 20 or 30 points or have a terrible game and only end up with 11 points? If your prediction is right, you can win big!
  • Number of 3 pointers - With this strategy, your goal is to predict how many 3 pointers a team or a specific player will score.

With BetSofa’s incredibly extensive , you can make any basketball bet you want! So sign up at BetSofa right now and start betting on every facet of the game.

Betting on NBA

The NBA betting markets on BetSofa are always loaded with action. This league is home to the best basketball players in the world and features incredibly competitive games. If you are looking for the best basketball odds and the most skilled matches, check out BetSofa’s NBA betting markets today!

College Basketball Betting

Even though the NBA has incredible markets, you should not ignore BetSofa’s college basketball betting action. Whether you are a fan of Duke, Villanova, Gonzaga, or Kansas at BetSofa you can bet on all of their games live! You won’t find more extensive college basketball betting options on any other online betting site! Remember to sign in to your account in March for the college championship and bet on your favorite team to be crowned the champion!

Betting on EuroLeague basketball and more

Do you prefer European basketball and international leagues over the NBA and college? Don’t worry! BetSofa provides market-leading basketball odds on all EuroLeague games such as the:

With so many basketball betting options, you will always find incredible value and earn some extra cash. No matter the time or day, you can always find a game worth gambling on at BetSofa!

Basketball Betting Tips

Are you looking for ways to increase your basketball betting win rate? Then follow these easy yet effective !

  • Injuries - Before you make any basketball bet, you need to analyze the lineups of both teams and make a note of any injuries. A favorite can quickly become an underdog if one of their superstar players is out injured. You can secure amazing value if you find out about injuries before the sportsbooks update their basketball odds.
  • Seeding - In big basketball tournaments such as the NCAA Men's Division I, the best teams are seeded. The lower the seed, the more chance that team has of winning. If you want to improve your win rate, stick to betting on teams with a low seed.
  • Stats - The most effective way to predict the outcome of basketball matches is to analyze statistics. You need to pay attention to the average number of points scored and given up, season record, head-to-head record, and record over the last five matches.
  • Top Price Guaranteed - Check out BetSofa markets and receive the best-guaranteed odds!
  • Enhanced Odds - Take part in BetSofa promotions and bonuses and take advantage of enhanced odds. We will boost the odds for particular basketball games and give you a greater chance of winning and a higher payout. Head to our promotions page to find out what basketball games have enhanced odds.
  • Flash Odds - A great way to increase your win rate is to bet on basketball games that have flash odds. Flash odds are the odds that are temporarily increased on games as part of a promotion by . BetSofa regularly runs these promotions, so make sure you keep an eye out for such deals as you can easily 2x or more your standard payout!
  • #YourOdd - If you can’t find the right odds, just tweet us with #YourOdd, and we will boost your payout!

If you follow these amazing basketball betting tips, you will have no problems walking away a winner. Make sure you start betting small and slowly increase your stake size as you start winning. Also, if you want to instantly increase your bankroll, head to BetSofa’s promotions page and check out what incredible deposit bonuses you can claim right now!

Why Bet with BetSofa Sports?

Are you looking for a world-class sports betting site that allows you to bet on all of the best basketball games from around the world? Then BetSofa is an easy choice! You are guaranteed fantastic odds and have access to hundreds of different bet types. We also have an incredible featuring the very best games from leading developers, such as , , and . So create your BetSofa account today and join one of the leading where you can bet on over 50 sports, including , , , , and more!

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