Virtual Sports Betting at BetSofa

Virtual sports betting is an innovative trend in the gambling industry. It operates as an excellent alternative to traditional sports betting and is available to all Betsofa online casino users. The main difference between the virtual sports betting format and classic betting is the high-speed process.

So, what virtual sports games can you bet on when you use Betsofa casino? Betsofa online casino offers the most popular virtual sports and allows you to bet on them 24/7. This includes football tournaments, like the World Cup (VF World Cup), and the Asian Cup (VF Asia Cup). It also includes games like virtual basketball, virtual tennis, dog racing, horse racing, and much more . See the picture below.

What Are Virtual Sports?

Virtual sport betting appeared not so long ago, but it has already gained incredible popularity, both among beginners and experienced players. In fact, virtual sport betting is a whole alternative sports universe created by specialized software . Virtual sports betting encompasses the most popular sports, players, team statistics, competition schedules, tournaments, and other features. The most important advantage offered by virtual sports is that bettors can watch the event in real-time mode, as if watching an ordinary broadcast of their favorite match on TV.

Virtual Sports is a realistic simulation of popular sports competitions. Sports betting fans don't need to wait weeks or months for an important match. Instead, virtual sport betting makes the staking process much easier. The main advantage of virtual sports competitions is that the outcome of the game is known in just a couple of minutes!

What Virtual Sports Are There?

Nowadays, online casinos offer a wide variety of virtual sports. Football is the most popular virtual sport. A virtual sports simulator can recreate a football match that is just like a real game. All the rules and principles of the game are the same. Besides football, players can also bet on other kinds of virtual sports such as:

  • Dog racing
  • Lawn tennis
  • Basketball
  • Motorcycle and auto racing
  • Horse racing
  • Speedway, and many others

Virtual Football (Soccer)

Virtual football is probably the most popular game in this gambling market. The customer is invited to participate in two outstanding international competitions. The first one is a Football League, which fans of football often call VFL - Virtual Football League. The second virtual sports league is a Virtual Football World Cup.

Types of bets do not differ from those offered by a real sportsbook (one team wins, handicap, draw, total, etc.). VFL consists of 16 teams, 240 matches per season, 30 game days, and 8 games in parallel mode.

The World Cup includes 32 teams, 64 matches played during the season, and more than 1000 betting options. There are also several national competitions. In particular, the European Cup (24 teams, 51 matches), the Asian Cup (24 teams) and the Champions Cup(32 teams and more than 100 matches).

Virtual Horse Racing

Horse racing is an ancient sport that is still popular today. Before placing bets, you should study the racer, his age, the technical condition of the track, and take into account the time period and the type of race (since the coefficients directly depend on the type). Races are generated every 2 minutes, which makes the game very dynamic.

Virtual Dog Racing

Virtual dog races are incredibly popular all around the world. The system offers 30 unique events per hour, several distances (360 and 720 m), as well as day and night tracks. If you are not familiar with these types of sports this is an excellent opportunity to get a new betting virtual sports experience.

Virtual Tennis

Tennis is one of the most popular individual sports. The Virtual Tennis Open is an open tennis championship. There are two parallel tournaments with 16 players competing in a 3-set match.

Virtual tennis betting is an ideal option for fans of this beautiful and aristocratic game to enjoy a flutter!

Virtual Basketball

Virtual Basketball League, or simply virtual basketball, is the first cyber basketball option in the gambling industry. This is the best simulator of this dynamic sport, which is considered to be one of the most popular games in the world. You can savor the game with 16 teams and around 137 competitions per hour. Bets can be made every 3.5 minutes! The simulator produces 3,300 sports events every day. Moreover, you can place bets at any time of the day or night.

How Do You Bet on Virtual Sports?

To bet on virtual sports events in an online casino, you need to register, create your Betsofa account and make a deposit using one of the available methods. Then, you need to open a sports event in the Virtual sports category, study the game statistics, and place your bets!

Be aware that to play casino games and to place bets, a player must be above the legal age requirements. This means that, if you are under eighteen, you cannot register to use online casino services. Betsofa strictly complies with all regulatory norms and only players who are the appropriate legal age can use the services of this online casino.

Try Your Luck With Betsofa!

Previously, to place a bet and try your luck, you had to go to a traditional land-based casino. Over time, the gambling business has moved online: slot machines are now special programs that function on the sites of online casinos.

Betsofa online casino is a place where you can not only have fun, but also earn good money! This establishment keeps up with the times and provides players with a wide range of slots that are regularly being updated. The variety of games will please every player. Try your luck by placing bets at Betsofa casino and win big money!

Using Betsofa casino will earn you tons of advantages, such as:

  • Fast registration.
  • Simple navigation.
  • Quick access to the site's services at any time of the day. You can use your phone, computer, or laptop to get access to the casino site.
  • Simple procedure of deposit and withdrawal.
  • The maximum number of game slots available.

Overall, Betsofa casino is one of the best establishments in the virtual gambling world. Here you can always access the most interesting slots and enjoy special offers and bonuses that can help increase your winnings. What’s more, all the money you win can be withdrawn quickly. This casino is also highly secure, so you don't need to worry about using your credit card.

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